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for Exercise Specialists

EX-MED Cancer PD is a professional development course for exercise specialists. The course is based on the latest scientific evidence and extensive clinical experience in delivering best practice care to people with cancer

EX-MED Cancer PD aims to enhance your practice by equipping you with the theoretical and applied knowledge required to maximise outcomes for your patients through exercise.

EX-MED Cancer PD Consists of:

Online Modules

5 university level lectures (~1 hour 30 mins per lecture)

Introduction to Cancer

Side Effects of Cancer Treatments

Screening & Monitoring of Cancer Patients

Exercise Prescription for Cancer

Working with Cancer Patients

Practical Workshop

4 hour face-to-face workshop delivered in major cities


Resource Set

An extensive range of over 100 materials to support your practice


Biennial Webinars

Ex-Med Cancer PD graduates receive free access to dedicated webinars to keep updated on new scientific discoveries

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