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What is

EX-MED Cancer?

A best-practice exercise medicine program for people with cancer.

EX-MED Cancer is a

not-for-profit health service 

EX-MED Cancer:​​

  • is a safe and effective program specifically designed for people with cancer

  • counteracts the adverse effects of cancer and its treatment

  • involves an individualised exercise medicine program delivered by experienced exercise physiologists in local fitness centres

  • enhances physical and mental wellbeing and delivers profound improvement to the lives of people with cancer

  • is based on the latest scientific research

  • is an Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC)   registered not-for-profit organisation  

  • is designed and administered by international leaders in the field of exercise and cancer research and practice


Why should people with cancer exercise?

If the effects of exercise could be encapsulated in a pill it would be prescribed to every person with cancer. Even if this pill had just a fraction of the positive health benefits exercise provides it would be viewed as a miracle drug in the fight against cancer

  • Years of scientific research has established exercise as an invaluable medicine in the management of cancer. Evidence based guidelines recommend all people with cancer exercise regularly to help tolerate and recover from cancer treatments.

  • Research shows that people with cancer who exercise regularly have a lower relative risk of dying from cancer, a lower relative risk of cancer recurrence and they experience fewer and/or less severe treatment-related adverse effects.

Why exercise?